Hi I’m Dave, the guy behind FlashTactical.com.

You may wonder why would I build a site that revolves around tactical flashlights AND tactical flashlights only. Well, good question and truth be told, I’m only getting started. Flash Tactical isn’t just a word play around tactical flashlights, but it’s a mindset. A state of readiness really. It’s about being tactical in a flash. Ready for what’s next at a moment’s notice.

For some that leans immediately towards a survivalist or prepper mentality and while those are important elements of a tactical readiness program writ large, there is also a more practical day to day element and that’s the space we plan to explore.

Think about it… flashlights, pocket knives, and jumper cables are so darned handy that it just makes good walking around sense to have them around for when a need strikes. And trust me, the need will strike, either for you or a loved one or a fellow good citizen just having a bad day.

To that end, we’re about so much more than just flashlights… but that’s just where we’re getting started. So I hope you’ll hang around long enough to watch – and help – us grow into something fun, good, and down right helpful.

But while you’re here, check out these buying guides and feel free to let us know what you think.

In the coming weeks well expand our range of topics and reviews.  Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • Best Tactical Pen
  • Best Pocket Knife
  • Best Hunting Knife
  • Best Emergency Radio
  • Tactical Card Tool
  • Tactical Wallet
  • Survival Multi Tool
  • Best Compass
  • Best Tactical Key Chain
  • Best Firestarter
  • Best Survival Backpack
  • Military First Aid Kit
  • Best Jumper Cables
  • Best in home and car fire extinguishers
  • Everyday Carry – EDC – for multiple situtations
  • and much more

As you can see, we have big ambitions and we hope you’ll help us make it happen.

All the best,