best AA flashlight

People usually buy AA flashlights because AA batteries are pretty common and more affordable. That being said the best AA flashlight is more suited for the casual camper or as an every day carry tool. These are some of the top AA flashlights available in the market today.

Sunwayman D40A

sunwayman d40a

The new Sunwayman flashlight operates on 4 AA batteries, whether alkaline, NI-MH, or nickel-cadmium—probably the most available battery types in the market today. It comes equipped with a CREE XM-L2 LED bulb with throw and flood capabilities of up to 980 lumens when on Turbo mode, 220 lumens on Medium mode, and 30 lumens on Low mode. The D40A also has 5 light settings with the instructions on the packaging on how to activate them.


  • Can stand on its own like a candle with its tail stand capability.
  • The Moon Mode allows you to see in the dark without damaging your night vision.
  • Includes a lanyard, O-ring, and a holster as accessories.
  • Buttons have a faint clicking noise that helps with mode adjustment.


  • Light settings and “hidden” modes may take some time to master.
  • Beam is not adjustable.
  • Free O-ring is too thin and cannot really be counted as a replacement.
  • The on/off switch is too sensitive and can be accessed by even the slightest pressure.

Eagletac GX25A3

EagleTac GX25A3

It takes 3 AA batteries to make the Eagletac GX25A3 shine through. Its body is made out of HAIII hard anodization aerospace aluminum that weighs 5.2 ounces, and its lens is coated both ways with anti-reflective (AR) coating.

You can also choose from 4 regular brightness levels – 2 tactical brightness levels, and multiple hidden light settings that can be explored and utilized for greater convenience. The GX25A3 also features a Turbo Mode whose max light output unfortunately lasts for only 200 seconds. After which, the flashlight automatically reduces light output by 25%. This feature can be turned off, which makes it easy to conserve battery power.

The Eagletac GX25A3 is also waterproof according to IPX-8 standards. When it comes to UI, the pre-installed buttons are not confusing and the different clicker combinations are easy to follow and remember. An energy-saving feature is also intact which makes this flashlight a good choice for the environment friendly user.


  • Has tail-stand functions
  • Light options are accessed by turning the head/knob
  • Compatible with rechargeable AA batteries
  • Has tail switch options together with its head knob.


  • Runtime is 1.3 hours at most during Turbo mode
  • International shipping is not currently in service;
  • Quite heavy when stored in pockets; and
  • Strobe mode, both fast and slow, takes 3 full seconds.

Fenix LD22

fenix ld22

2 AA batteries are required to power up the Fenix LD22. It has Cree XP-G2 (R5) LED for a bulb and a 50,000-hour lifespan, a welcome treat for Fenix users. The body is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it suitable even for harsh outdoor conditions. Its anti-roll body design helps with safe-keeping and storage.

The Fenix LD22 can run 2.5 hours at most on Turbo Mode and a maximum of 110 hours on Low. It has 4 brightness settings that can be easily accessed through a tail switch. Unfortunately the torch area overheats when used on Turbo Mode for too long.

The flashlight’s brightness is also digitally regulated, so users can expect a constant amount of light, depending on which brightness mode is operated. A push button tail cap is also included in the design for quick on/off access.


  • Package includes two spare O-rings that maintains a water-proof condition under 2 meters
  • Strobe feature is really noticeable and eye-catching
  • Includes a removable and reversible pocket clip
  • Common brightness settings and light modes are accessed through 2 different buttons


  • Turbo mode of 190 lumens causes overheating on the torch area
  • Low brightness setting cannot be accessed when using alkaline batteries
  • No tail stand capabilities
  • Fits Lithium-Ion 14500 rechargeable, but does not function on it

Foursevens Quark Click QK2A-X

FourSevens Qk2A

A maximum of 330 lumens that runs on 2 AA batteries is what the Foursevens Quark Click QK2A-X can offer. Since AA batteries are available almost anywhere, replacing batteries is not as hard.

Its user interface is simple and easy to understand – a simple click or double-click will do the trick. The 6 available light modes include SOS, Strobe, Beacon, Moonlight, Medium, and Maximum.

The body is made out of type-III hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. The bulb is a CREE XM-L2 protected by impact-resistant glass with anti-reflective coating lens. Aesthetically, the black finish adds to its sophisticated overall look.


  • For a small additional fee, you have the option to to have a personalized Quark Click QK2A-X with the light outputs in the order you want them in.
  • This has a memory function to allow further personalization.
  • Strobe mode can be given off in a “slow” manner.


  • The Quark Click is only available in cool white tint.
  • The previous Quark Tactical model is inclusive of the light mode customization that you can get for an additional fee in the Quark Click QK2A-X.
  • Not inclusive of a “High” mode to present a lower lumen from the maximum brightness level.

Thrunite Archer 2A

thrunite archer

Through a CREE XP-L V6 LED bulb, the Thrunite Archer 2A sends out a maximum of 272 lumens on High mode and 0.2 lumens on Low.

Since the 2A’s body is made out of aerospace grade aluminum body with military grade type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, it can be used almost anywhere – camping, self-defense, medical services, and even for security purposes.

The Archer 2A also boasts a 30-day free replacement guarantee and lifetime limited warranty. This flashlight weighs 0.13 pounds and measures 4.33 inches.

Light modes can be accessed by screwing and unscrewing the head, while on/off are accessed through a forward clicky switch. Run time on high is 2.5 hours at most and a maximum of 22 hours on low. It is also worthy to note that the Thrunite Archer 2A does not come with an SOS mode.


  • Costs only $ 55 and offers high lumen output;
  • Equipped with Firefly Mode and Memory Functions;
  • Available in yellow tint and clear white tint;
  • Good knurling throughout flashlight body for grip; and
  • Ultra-low mode of 0.2 lumens can last up to 4 weeks.


  • Battery rattling sounds;
  • Relatively thin lens;
  • Brightness becomes dependent on battery juice when it’s almost drained;
  • High and Low light modes are accessed through head/torch; and
  • “donut hole” appears upon illumination.

Zebralight SC5

Zebralight SC5

This latest flashlight from Zebralight runs on 1 AA battery, and is currently Zebralight’s best AA flashlight. This has 3 main light levels: High, Medium, and Low. Each main level has two sub-levels which can be programmed to have more varying levels of light intensity. A maximum of 535 lumens has a three minute-lifespan, while the lowest 0.1 lumen can last up to 4 months. The Zebralight SC5 also has a beacon-strobe mode.

This flashlight is waterproof for up to 2 meters for 30 minutes under IPX-7 standards. The smart user interface is easy to understand and master—short clicks and holds sum up every basic operation. This flashlight comes in an eco-friendly casing which has been a permanent improvement on most Zebralight products.


  • It fits right on your palm;
  • Electronic switch prevents unwanted on/off clicks;
  • Has tail stand and head stand capabilities;
  • Memory function stays even after battery changes; and
  • Has battery status information.


  • Uses up rechargeable batteries quite fast;
  • Accidental drops may directly damage circuit board;
  • Lens does not focus; and
  • 14500 cells cannot be used in this flashlight

Sunwayman V11R

Sunwayman V11R

The Sunway V11R flashlight can throw up to 500 lumens of light at its maximum brightness level. This can run on 1 CR123 battery, but an AA battery extender is also included so you can power the flashlight with a AA battery or a 14500 cell – a feature which made us consider that it’s the best AA flashlight in its own right. The battery extender is narrow, so that rattling noises will not be an issue. Also, the Sunwayman V11R uses CREE XM-L U2 for a bulb, and its lens is made out of tempered glass that is immune to scratches.

The flashlight body is made out of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, military specification type III hard anodized body. It is also waterproof with an IPX-8 standard. A tail cap switch is the flashlight’s main user interface.


  • Improved knurling for a better grip;
  • Has tail stand capabilities or “candle function”;
  • Commendable light outputs; and
  • Clip is more intact than the previous model.


  • Metal switch cover may accidentally push the switch;
  • Turbo mode should not be put for more than 5 minutes;
  • The head is connected to the body by only a few threads; and
  • Adjusting the ring sometimes took of the head of the flashlight.

Eagletac D25A Mini

EagleTac D25A2

The Eagletac is powered by 2 AA batteries that produces a maximum of 179 lumens of light. It is equipped with a clear lens that is coated with anti-reflective coating on the inside and anti-scratch coating on the outside. It also comes with a reflector which is light orange peel aluminum. It also runs on 1 AA battery.

This flashlight’s main setting console is by twisting, that is, by twisting the head to turn it on, and by twisting it further to achieve different light settings. It has three main modes: Low, Medium, High, respectively and some “hidden” light modes as well—strobe and beacon are also featured modes.


  • Does not accidentally turn on because of “twisty” feature;
  • Twist mechanism can be done with one hand;
  • Deep pocket clip; and
  • It comes with a nylon sheath.


  • Has thin exterior;
  • Twist mechanism eventually wears out material;
  • Clip is not of the same anodized quality as the body; and
  • Prolonged high modes are a no-no

What’s The Best AA Flashlight?

There’s not one-size-fits-all when it comes to finding the best AA flashlight – it really boils down to your personal preference and purpose. These 8 are the top AA flashlights in the market today and I hope that listing them here will help you in your search.