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Police forces secure our neighborhoods and surroundings so that we do not feel the need to constantly look over our shoulders. They give us the calm and worry-free days we all want, but that doesn’t mean police officers don’t enjoy the same. With the help of their trusty and efficient tools, they practically skim through the day as well.

Handy tools just like the flashlight can mean life and death to someone, especially those who face constant danger like our police force. That’s why if you want a secure environment, its best to secure one of these so you won’t have to wait for a cop to help yourself or someone else.

ImageModelLumensOur Rating
(5 highest)
Le-Adjustable-Focus-Mini-CREE-Torch-75pxLe Adjustable Focus Mini CREE Torch1404.0$
Solaray-Pro-ZX-1-Professional-Series-Flashlight-Kit-75pxSolaray Pro ZX-1XL Professional Series12004.2$$
BYB-Super-Bright-CREE-XML-T-75BYB Super Bright CREE XML T67003.5$
Streamlight-StylusPro-75Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro Black653.0$$
Hausbell-T6-LED-Light-75Hausbell T6 LED Light16004.5$$$
j5-tactical-75J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight3005.0$
Raybek-Outdoor-Tactical-Flashlight-75Raybek Outdoor Tactical Flashlight10004.5$$$

Finding The Best police Flashlight: Considerations


The best police flashlights can either have a polymer or an aluminum casing. Both are available in the market, but let’s see which one is worth your purchase, of course, depending on your needs and the demands of your law enforcement job.


Aluminum (left) and Polymer (right) flashlights


Producing aluminum cases for police flashlights are far cheaper than producing a polymer mold tool used in crafting such. The manufacturing costs of aluminum flashlights are lower compared to other substitutes in the market.

This would eventually trickle down to its unit price without you having to worry about quality. Also, this material is lightweight, perfect for police officers who are always on patrol.

Attaching it to a police belt won’t be a problem as well with an aluminum police flashlight since it is easy to carry around.

Aluminum police flashlights, although convenient, does not always meet your expectations.

Since these police flashlights are often used roughly and harshly, they tend to scratch and break. Issues on the durability of aluminum are questionable—that is, aluminum police flashlights scratches easily and leaves the product looking like it has been through a war in a few month’s use.

But if you really do prefer the feel and look of metal that much, anodized aluminum can do just the thing for you.

Traditional aluminum, with its doubtful durability, has been upgraded in a series of chemical baths to improve its stress-enduring capacity. Aluminum oxide now make up the first layer of anodized aluminum, making it a far better version your everyday aluminum.


Some of the best police flashlights were constructed with polymer. Since police torches have a tendency to be maltreated, the job description of any deemed best police duty flashlight should really fit the mold, if not surpass it.

A few good things about polymer is that it doesn’t scratch as easily as aluminum, but when polymer does get a scratch, at least it wouldn’t look like it because the color still matches. This construction material suits those law enforcers in freezing conditions, since handling a metal one would burn. It is also more light weight than aluminum.

You do have to note that polymers tend to melt in extreme heat and would not be advisable for firemen duty use.  Let’s also take into account that plastic do not really look that professional, unless it is black, compared to metal ones.

Perhaps one of the biggest setbacks of polymer is that it doesn’t conduct heat. Being a thermal insulator, the construction material makes it unreliable for high LED outputs.

Battery Options

battery types

AA, CR123A, and 18650 batteries

Different batteries require different batteries. One of the most common is the AAA battery type. This one is perhaps the most compact and is the most available. You can just hit a trip to your local convenience store, and you’ll almost instantly see these down by the counter.

AA batteries or the alkaline cells are disposable and a common find like AAA batteries. They are cheap and easy to replace. Non-rechargeable batteries like this have a longer shelf life and don not “self-discharge” like rechargeable ones.

CR123A batteries or the lithium batteries are EDC light batteries that are quite convenient to use during emergency situations. Since these batteries are not in-demand, they usually last a while in stocks.

They offer higher voltage which means brighter light output. They aren’t that popular and so you may have a hard time finding these in local stores.

18650 or the cylindrical cell is the bulkiest of all types. These rechargeable batteries can be expensive at the first buy, but you eventually save more since you don’t have to constantly go back to the store to buy new ones.

Its non-disposable nature makes it environment-friendly. Rechargeable batteries are also more resistant to heat. One thing to look out for is the number of times you have recharged the battery. Some can only be recharged up to 500 times.


the j5 is bright enough to render someone temporarily blind

The basics of law enforcement would be writing tickets to traffic offenders. Since these incidents occur without the requirement of daylight, police officers must take into account how bright they want their tac lights to be.

LED (light-emitting diode) flashlights are best for the job description because it is a compact version of many pieces that could still emit a powerful light output.

The tint of the LED should also be considered. For example, Cool White is advisable to use for writing tickets and checking driver’s licenses at night, so that it doesn’t overwhelm the eyes. Warm Lights can be used for outdoor search or rescue and retrieval operations done at night.

The best police flashlights have up to 5 different light modes. One of the most important to have is the strobe because this can be used for disorienting suspects or accomplices.

In strobe mode, light is characterized by quick blinks with varying intensity and pattern to really confuse the attacker. Light output should be powerful enough to blind an attacker. 100 lumens are enough for this task, but during daytime, lumen requirement for this purpose should be in the 150-299 range.

Extra features may include gun mounts for better handling of both the gun and flashlight. These two weapons really come handy at night and should be complementary in handling. Some of the best police flashlights even have a built-in stun gun to further ace an operation.

Flashlights aren’t just flashlights for law enforcers nowadays, given the variety of features to choose from, depending on which functions you need most.

Best Police Flashlight: Top 7 Picks

J5 Tactical V1-PRO

300 lumens brightness

This is probably one of the best off-duty tactical police flashlights as this is the official flashlight of Joe Gibbs Racing and the Number 19 ARRIS Toyota Camry driven by Carl Edwards.

Tried and tested, this police flashlight can really hit the jackpot with a maximum of 300 lumens that is enough to light two football fields! It still does the job even in broad daylight!

Also, its impressive beam distance of up to 600 feet allows greater night patrol access. The J5 Tactical V1-PRO also has a zoom in, zoom out feature aside from the 4 lighting modes it offers, perfect for search and rescue operations.

Measuring only 3.7 inches, this police duty flashlight can be slipped on the police belt without being intrusive or taking up too much room.

The J5 Tactical V1-PRO also only runs on a single AA battery. You can also opt for a 14500 rechargeable battery although it is not included when you buy it. This police flashlight, with the service it can deliver, really is “tough as nails”!

BYB Super Bright CREE XML T6

BYB Super Bright CREE XML T

For an on-duty flashlight, the BYB Super Bright CREE XML T6 is perfect for that purpose. This police flashlight comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger that lets officers get the most out of it. It has a long running time and quickly recharges.

Since police work is demanding and full of surprises, their handy flashlights should always be ready for battle just like them.  Weighing only 0.52 pounds and having a length of 6.5 inches, this fits right into an officer’s palm for hassle-free handling.

With this size, who could have thought it carries with it 700 lumens of light power! Perfect for those late night operations indeed! Also, its waterproof and shockproof design makes it even more perfect with the type of work law enforcers face. Its 5 light modes allow officers to customize the way they light up surroundings, depending on the threat and the nature of the situation.

LE Adjustable Focus Mini LED Flashlight

Le Adjustable Focus Mini CREETorch

The nature of work police officers has doesn’t welcome what-ifs and so even in their flashlights, they must have a backup. LE Adjustable Focus Mini LED Flashlight is great for this purpose since its length of 4.29 inches makes it easier to store in the glove compartment, just in case the main flashlight fails.

Also, it almost has the same features the best police flashlight has. With 140 lumens at maximum, this police flashlight isn’t far with what officers use mainly. It has an adjustable focus that officers can either set as a spotlight or to flood a wider area.

Although this is powered up by 3 AAA batteries, it doesn’t disappoint on light power and extra useful and life-saving features.

Since it is advisable as a backup police flashlight, you don’t really have to worry about changing all 3 AAA batteries often. You just stock it there and use it when the situation demands it.

Solaray Pro ZX-1XL Professional Series

the pro zx-1 comes with a kit

With an outstanding 1,200 lumens of light power, this might be the best police flashlight out there! It is made even more impressive because it runs on AA batteries that are always accessible!

What police officers might love about the Solaray Pro ZX-1XL Professional Series is its 5 light modes. Officers can go from low, medium, high beam to intruder strobe or S.O.S with just a few button clicks. This police flashlight is also perfect for search and rescue operations as it has a spotlight and flood settings to help with the operation.

If the specs weren’t enough, this also has an energy-saving mode that lets you use the flashlight in a longer period. Another feature would be the emergency mode that enables the flashlight to blend in with the situation at hand. With this, police officers would really feel that this flashlight really is an ally.

Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro Black

Streamlight StylusPro

This police flashlight that is powered by two AAA batteries is as handy as flashlights can get! Marked by a pen-like style, this police flashlight is best for search activities or even just for the usual night patrol.

Equipped with 65 lumens, this is perfect for writing tickets, checking licenses, or searching car compartments and trunks. The lumen rating is enough to illuminate the surrounding without damaging eyesight.

Its 5.3-inch length makes it easy to grip and get from your police belt as it also has an “S” clip. It’s easy to use since it can be operated by one hand which lets officers do more, as the situation demands. This light weight and compact flashlight are perfect for the on-the-go law enforcers!

Hausbell T6 LED Light

Hausbell T6 LED Light

One of the brightest police flashlights out there, the Hausbell T6 LED Light is perfect for the constantly on patrol police officer! A staggering 1,600 lumen flashlight lets officers skim through the night effortlessly. Adding to that impressive light power is the adjustable focus zoom that is perfect for the night patrol or search and rescue operations.

Its size of only 3.7 inches makes it easy to keep and handle. Big surprises can really come in small packages as this has the most blinding effect, suitable for dangerous operations.

It has 5 light modes that lets officers switch from low, medium, high, SOS, and strobe mode, depending on what the situation needs. You can just change the dried out single AA battery with new ones for continuous usage and productivity, since police work doesn’t necessarily welcome breaks, especially if on duty.

Raybek Outdoor Tactical Flashlight

Raybek Outdoor Tactical Flashlight

This may be the best police flashlight for law enforcers of all sort! With 1000 lumens and strobe mode, this can effectively blind attackers. This also has a 980-feet beam distance that could light up massive fields in the dark.

The Raybek Outdoor Tactical Flashlight has a 100,000-hour lifespan! This factor is important to consider for those officers on the go. This also runs on rechargeable batteries which allows you to save more dollars in the long run.

One of the most impressing feature is its retention. The flashlight memorizes what light mode was last used, so that when you use it again, it’s set the way you left it.