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Rechargeable flashlights are quickly becoming a popular alternative to their bulky and heavy counterparts. Due to the variety of options available, picking one can be quite difficult and overwhelming. Ideally, the best flashlight will feature a long battery life coupled with a long duration of use before needing to be recharged.  It’s no coincidence that some of the top flashlights are easily recharged and ready to go in a short duration of time. In addition to being convenient and easy to charge, some light kits come with cell phone chargers or use a USB cord that can be plugged into a vehicle for instance. Read more and find the best rechargeable flashlight for you!

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Benefits Of Rechargeable Flashlights


Low Cost

Why would anyone pick a rechargeable light over any other flashlight? While rechargeable lights will set you back a pretty penny or two, you’ll find the costs comparable if not less compared to having to replace the batteries for a flashlight that has no recharging abilities.

Longer Run Times


Aside from being rechargeable, you’ll also find that these superior alternatives often feature longer run times, are brighter and can hold a charge for longer periods of time before needing to be recharged. These factors may seem unimportant, but anyone that has been involved in an emergency requiring supplemental lighting will quickly appreciate the unique factors of a rechargeable flashlight.

The more sophisticated flashlights utilize LED or Light Emitting Diode batteries which are superior to the older types of bulbs. LED lights offer numerous benefits including requiring less power to operate to full potential, are constructed from more durable and lighter materials, so you don’t have to carry a bulky flashlight around, and they also have far superior run times compared to the older more common flashlights. Being able to recharge your light simply adds to these benefits.

Choosing A Rechargeable Light

Some Considerations

Choosing the right rechargeable torch comes down to the owner’s needs. Some people will require the light for different uses and will have to keep those considerations in mind when sorting among all the available options. The buyer can make the sorting process easier by establishing a reasonable budget after first determining their needs. For instance, a buyer looking for an easy to operate flashlight for emergencies will find that just about any torch light will suit their needs. For buyers who are in need of a light that offers high light output, long battery life will need to spend more time during their research phase. Check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide for more information.

Prepare to pay for more

When it comes to rechargeable flashlights however, the convenience of being able to simply plug the light into a wall can often ramp a price up rather quickly. Fortunately, this usually means you don’t have to go out of your way to find a separate compatible charger for your light. Some of the cheaper torchlights may require sourcing a compatible charging station that may not display whether or not the flashlight is sufficiently charged. This can result in a costly lesson when the flashlight is overcharged and permanently damaged.

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What About Removable Batteries?

Our Focus: Plug-in-and-charge flashlights

Custom batteries make it possible to increase battery life without adding to the bulkiness of the flashlight. There are also flashlights that rely on rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, but these require being removed and charged with a charger base or stand. For the purpose of simplicity, this article will focus on rechargeable flashlights that don’t require being taken apart to prepare for the next use. Like a cellphone, you can simply plugin your flashlight when the battery life is low.

Thoughts on Costs

By all means however, removal batteries are good investments because they are much more cheaper than rechargeable batteries and you can purchase multiple sets if you desire. Using removable batteries are more expensive in the long run however. If you wish to  get a flashlight that uses removable batteries, we recommend that you get yourself rechargeable batteries so the need for replacements dwindle down significantly (they are rechargeable after all.

On the other hand, flashlights with internal-based chargers have their own perks as well. For one, the flashlight features its own dedicated battery. There’s also no need to take the flashlight apart and replace the batteries and this significantly prolongs the flashlight’s usable life.

Additional Accessories

Some flashlights may feature additional accessories or even be part of a set or a kit. You may find extra gadgets that are compatible with your flashlight such as a lanyard, a carrying case or even a holster. While these additional accessories are certainly nice to have, not every flashlight manufacturer includes these options with their products.

Top Rechargeable Flashlights

While there are thousands of rechargeable flashlights to pick from, we’ve decided to review a handful of the flashlights we think are worth considering. Check them out below!

S10R Baton II

s10r baton II

The Baton II features 500 lumens and is the second generation of the already successful, Olight S10R. The Baton improves on the last design by coming in a conveniently rechargeable design while featuring the latest Cree XP – L LED light that features a high power output of 500 lumens. The blue stainless steel bezel and blue switch ring are easy on the eyes while maintaining a durable finish that is great for tough jobs. The rechargeable battery and Micro USB desktop charging block you’ve come to expect are still standard.

  • A flat button that prevents accidental use.
  • Low battery indicator light. You’ll know when the flashlight needs to be recharged when the red LED button lights up.
  • The rechargeable battery featured in this flashlight provides up to 7 days worth of use in a single charge.
  • Solid construction that shows no indication of cheap materials.

Nightcore MH10


This attractive looking flashlight is not only durable, but the 1,000-lumen output is sure to make this flashlight a popular option for those who need a solid product. The flashlight can be powered on by one button, but the button offers up to four different brightness levels rendering this the best rechargeable flashlight in situations where someone might need more than one lighting mode. The Nightcore also features a rather decent sized kit that includes a battery pack, USB charging cable, a holster, a clip, lanyard, an extra USB port cover, and a spare O-ring.

  • Comes in a kit with additional accessories.
  • Waterproof up to two meters.
  • A max run time of 520 hours on a single charge.
  • Multiple light modes and brightness levels to choose from.

Regen MMR-X

maelstrom regen

The Regen MMR-X features a micro USB charger interface that allows for you to charge it practically anywhere where a USB charger can be connected. Some consumers may not like the idea of being limited to just one operation mode. For those folks, we recommend taking a look at the Regen. There are eight different modes to pick from that are ready for quick access depending on your needs.

In addition to being durable, most consumers find the small compact size to be a beneficial feature, especially for those who don’t like the bulky feel of an ordinary flashlight. The battery life is impressive with a 35-day use on a single charge. It should be noted that this flashlight requires and is only compatible with lithium ion batteries 18650. Any other battery will damage this flashlight permanently.

  • Included accessories such as a carrying holster, an 18650 battery pack, a USB power adapter and cable, a lanyard, spare O-rings, extra rubber boots, and parts for converting to a flat tail cap.
  • Compact. Under 5.5 inches and weighing only 5.0 ounces with battery installed.
  • 35 days worth of use on a single charge.

Our Final Thoughts

The best rechargeable flashlights feature a modern technology that makes it possible to get the most use out of a flashlight, without being restricted by the expensive replacement batteries. Most if not all of the flashlights featured in this article come with additional accessories and a USB charger system that makes it convenient to charge your flashlight quickly.

What is the best rechargeable flashlight for you? Well, it depends on a variety of factors. We personally prefer a flashlight that comes with a USB charging cable, so we can connect and charge it just about anywhere, even in our vehicles.

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