Hitting the Slopes… Best Snowboard Backpack for the Hills

Best Snowboard Backpack for the HillsYou love the outdoors and being in the snow, especially when you go hiking in the hilly areas and so you always think it wise to carry your ski and snowboard gear to ride downhill. While you may enjoy riding downhill, you have to go through the arduous task of taking your board with you uphill and so it is in your best interests to know which carrier are the best snowboard backpacks or snowboard bags for the hills. Aiming for a specific knapsack that can do a man’s job in carrying your snowboard is a great way to prepare you for the great outdoors.

1. Burton 31 L Snowboard Backpack

Burton 31 L Snowboard Backpack

Many outdoor enthusiasts believe that the Burton 31 L snowboard backpack is one of the best snowboard bags for the hills today. It is a travel kit that you should take seriously when you are tackling the outdoor hilly areas. This wilderness traveling companion comes with a number of features that will leave you spellbound. Some facets of the backpack include board straps that are placed in a vertical order so you can easily slide in your board and tightly secure it. In addition, it has zippers at the right places so you can easily get access to your board whenever or wherever. On the outside of the rucksack there are holders that can carry your water bottles and poles. This product offers you a wonderful way of seeing the bush and at the same time making available to you your snowboard so you can ride downhill anytime you want.

2. Mountaintop Snow Sport Backpack

Mountaintop Snow Sport Backpack

Mountaintop Snow Sport backpack comes with an array of advantages that suits your taste. It has a resort look that makes you want to own it on sight. It has strong Velcro straps to grip your board firmly so it does not fall out. The outside of the pack is made from strong durable material and it has other attachments where you can store other items you will need to use for the outdoors. The sternum strap has an emergency whistle buckle attached to it, just in case you may get lost in the snow. In addition, it has cargo pockets to give you more storing capabilities thus ensuring that you will lack nothing when you are on your snowy hill climbing journey.

3. Julien David X QuickSilver Snowboard Backpack

Julien David X QuickSilver Snowboard Backpack

The Julien David X QuickSilver snowboard backpack is suitable for the wilderness during the winter and even in packed town areas as well. It has mounted zip pockets and board carrying straps to keep your board and other essentials inside its protective layer. In the main space that houses the storage room, you can store your laptop, water bottles, and other basic stuff you may need while you are in the wild. There is a secondary pocket that is suitable to house your small shovel. Another pocket is provided to hold your goggles.

4. Burton Focus Pack

Burton Focus Pack

Burton Focus backpack is a great backcountry innovation that makes you feel in total control while you are outdoors in the snowy bushes. These packs are designed to take on some of the roughest terrain in the world. The strong sturdy shoulder straps will provide maximum comfort for you so that as you ride the snow or move around on foot, you will not feel pressured. It offers 30 liters of space so that you can store your other items in comfort. It is 100% polyester and, therefore, built to last. It has enough storage space to take on almost any load. Heater pockets are in place so you can extend the life of your batter if you need to. This backpack can keep you going for a few days as you explore the great outdoors.

5. Transpack XT1 Snowboard, Boot and Gear Backpack

Transpack XT1 Snowboard, Boot and Gear Backpack

The Transpack XT1 Snowboard, Boot and gear Backpack is the ideal pack to take on your camping journey because it has all the capabilities you need to keep you going when you are away from home and out in the wilderness. This camping gear comes in just a single size, which weighs in at 3 lb, thus making it light and easy to carry. A spacious compartment is provided so you can store your necessary items. The front pocket can be used to store your snow shovel and there is an additional storing area for your goggles. The bag gives you the option of adjusting your padded shoulder straps to meet your need. It is a perfect bag that houses your ski, snowboard, boots, and other essentials.

6. DaKine Heli Pack 12 L Pray4snow

DaKine Heli Pack 12 L Pray4snow

If you are thinking of spending a single day out in the bushes and the snow then the DaKine Heli Pack 12 L Pray4snow should be your first choice of backpack. It is easy to handle and at the same time strong enough to withstand any tough terrains. The snowboard area is vertically placed so your board can remain in a comfortable mode. You ski cable system is placed diagonally so you will have no problem reaching it. The travel pack also carries accessible slots to house other needed items on your trip such as your shovel slot. You will not get thirsty on your trip because it has a hydration system in place to help quench your thirst. Unlike other backpacks, DaKine manufacturers created the product with a whistle in case you should lose your way while traveling the hilly camping trail.

7. High Sierra U.S. Snowboarding Team

High Sierra U.S. Snowboarding Team

As a popular backpack, the High Sierra U.S. Snowboarding Team bag could be just what you have been looking for. It is designed mainly to carry you through a single camp day and will take you uphill as well as downhill. This product has large enough storing room capacity that can store your boots snowboard and other items. For quick and easy admission to reach your gear, you can depend on its sturdy key zipper to get you where are going. For your comfort the product gives you great shoulder straps. High Sierra will get you where you are going and at the same time give you the utmost joy in snowboard riding experience.

Kick-start your camping journey by finding the best snowboard backpack for the hills and stay connected with nature. Your experience in the outdoors will be a memorable one and you can take back many memories that will last you a lifetime.

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