Camelbak Hydrobak Reviews

Camelbak Hydrobak ReviewsAt times, you may want to go outdoors for an early morning jog on the street, a walk in the park, or partake in other strenuous activities. Taking one of the best super lightweight hydration packs with you is a great way to be ready to quench your thirst just in case dehydration starts kicking in. On the market so far, there is an array of kits to choose from and so you need to know which one is right for you. Take a look at this Camelbak Hydrobak Hydration Pack Review and see if this is this large water bottle and big bite valve thirst-quencher pack you would rather have when doing your rigorous exercise of jogging outdoors.

Let us start with the features first.


  1. Protective Mesh

The Camelbak Hydration Pack has its own protective lightweight meshing attached to it so you can properly transport your hydration items with ease. Not only are you able to carry your essentials around with you, but you can gain easy access to them as well through this breathable mesh, especially in case of an emergency.

  1. Comfortable Straps

Straps are provided on the outside of the bag so you can wear it on your back anywhere you want to go. When placed on your back, the straps become secure so the pack will not fall off during your jogging session.

  1. Adequate Water Space

Camelbak Hydro has the capacity to hold its own water space of 1.5 liters. In addition, you can enjoy its Antidote Reservoir, which allows you easy access to up to 50 oz of pure drinking water. The reservoir feature is unique in that it carries its own cleaner known as the Hydro-Guard Technology that helps to hinder bacteria from forming and contaminating your drinking water. Furthermore, the technology contains a bite valve so you can put it to your mouth and enjoy your cool water break while on the run without stopping.

  1. Additional Features

The product also consists of a front pocket where you can place your miscellaneous items such as keys, wallet, gels, and phone into. All the necessary things you will need on your running journey can hold in this backpack so you can have your needs met on the run.

  1. Lightweight

The backpack is lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere as you do your running rounds. Since it is lightweight, it has great portability feature, which leaves you stress-free on the run.

  1. Efficient

The oasis backpack is an efficient item to have about your person when you are taking on the rigorous outdoors. Without this awesome item to help you stay thirst-free, you would become subject to many trials during your jogging.

  1. Convenience

The pack is a convenient bag to have close by so that when your thirst creeps up on you, all you have to do is drink your water from the hose. You do not have to stop at a nearby shop to buy a bottle of water because your Camel tank is full and functional.

  1. Easy to Handle

Having to deal with your backpack on the run is an easy task for you to accomplish because of its easy-to-handle feature. You can reach for your water anytime and get a cool refreshing drink plus you have easy access to your small items such as keys, phone and so on.

  1. Looks Great on You

Like most backpacking kits, the Camel looks attractive on you when you are outdoors in public. With its bold and stylish colors, well placed straps as well as mesh in the right place, you will not look at all odd when you are around people. In fact, the product even looks better on you when you are wearing running clothes that blend in with its colors.


  • Although the Camel is lightweight, it has the capacity to hold enough water to keep you from becoming dehydrated.
  • You can sip your water easily without having to stop your run or walk.
  • It has convenient straps attached to it so you can strap it on to your back while you are outdoors. However, the product does not carry any chest straps and this omission can be an advantage to you because it will not make you feel pressured, uncomfortable, or restricted in any way.
  • It has various small compartments so you can place your smaller items such as your keys, phone, wallet, etc. in them.
  • The bag has a mesh with air pockets that traps the air so when wearing it on your body, you will not get sweaty and feel uncomfortable.
  • The reflector feature allows you to be seen by motorists if by chance you should be outdoors jogging after dark.


  • It is not good for long trips because of the limited amount of water it can carry.
  • Chest straps feature is missing and this is a discouragement for some joggers.

Technical Details Summary

  • Weight: The weight of the Camelbak is standing at 5.5 oz, which is equivalent to around 160 grams.
  • Size: The pack’s size is 50 oz or 1.5 liters.
  • Material Makeup: The manufacturers use strong nylon mesh material as part of the bag’s design.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the running backpack cover around 6.5 inches by 11.5 inches by 0.25 inches, which makes it small and easy to carry.

This hydrobak pack is essential for your workout routine because it carries most of the features you ever dreamed of. Therefore, instead of going outdoors to jog defenseless, make sure to take along your Camelbak so you can get all the essential items you need on your running journey. The facets that this product carries are priceless and you would not want to be caught outdoors without them.


Kick-start your jogging and other sporting activity journeys with a CamelBak Hydrobak strapped to your back so you can always be on the go. Your thirst problems will be over in no time and you can beat the pressure of having to put up with dehydration getting the better of you. Your jogging days will take on a meaning and your health can greatly benefit as well. Therefore, take your Camel buddy for a run outdoors anytime and in no time you both will become great running companions.

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