Goruck GR2 Review

Goruck GR2 ReviewIt is time to get a great workout outdoors and one of the ways you can do so is for you to do some rucking with the Goruck challenge. Unlike other exercises where you may need some expensive equipment to carry out your muscle strengthening routine, all you need to ruck is a dependable backpack and you are good to go. Your rucking workout will add many health benefits to you and you can be sure that once you start on the right track with your Goruck GR2 packed backpack on your back, you will begin to experience a whole new level of increased self-confidence. The Goruck GR2 is a massive improvement on the GR1 with additions like Molle webbing, an improved hydration bladder, a shoulder strap, a laptop compartment, improved positions for the zippers, and that all-important Goruck tough design.

What Is Rucking?

For the military man, the term rucking is no stranger to him. However, for you it might be something you are hearing for the first time. Rucking is simple packing a backpack with items and carrying it on your back around. For some people who are traveling and doing sightseeing, they pack their bag with necessary items such as phone, some food, and a laptop as well as other accessories and carry it around with them on their back. This technique is also a great way to get those beautiful muscles looking great.

Features of the GR2

The Goruck GR2 is an excellent travel companion to have with you. It has an assortment of features that will leave you begging to own them. Without a doubt you will be traveling in style and comfort as you will have all your essential equipment in easy reach of you on your journey.

  1. Size

As the saying goes, size matters and the GR2 is spacey enough to hold your stuff. With its 50-liter capacity space and various pockets, you can pack enough gears as well as clothes to last you for up to an entire week. In addition, if the weather is bad, don’t worry because the backpack is designed to pack all types of clothes and small equipment, including those suited for terrible conditions as well.

  1. Environmentally-friendly

As a thumbs’ up, your Goruck travel bag can fit into any situation. Take, for example, if you are taking a trip locally or overseas, your backpack can fit in comfortably because it is TSA-friendly. In addition, you can take a stroll with it in the park or even take it to dinner with you at your favorite restaurant.

  1. Weight

Your GR2 travel bag is hefty and it might pose some difficulties to you when it is properly packed to capacity. Presently, it weighs about 5.3 lb or 2.4 kg when empty and when your gears are inside the bag it weighs a whole lot more. Therefore, discretion is necessary on your part when traveling.

  1. Convenient Travel Companion

Your Goruck bag is a wonderful travel companion to have with you, especially when traveling on a plane. Take, for example, instead of you having to wait sometimes for hours for the airport personnel to retrieve your luggage, since your GR is with you all the time on the plane and when you land, you can just quickly move on from the airport to your destination with your bag in your hand or strapped to your back. This beats waiting long at the airport.

  1. Strong Straps

Your backpack comes with very sturdy straps attached to it as part of its great design. The straps are put into place to go around your shoulders and back so you can easily carry your bag. They afford you comfort and takes some of the weight pressure from off you. Instead of awkwardly lifting your bag with both hands and carrying it around, the well-placed straps are present on the product so you can easily just swing it over your back and go anywhere with it.

  1. Water-Resistant

Although the pack is not waterproof, still it has a high level of water-resistant material in its makeup. This feature protects the inside where your clothes and gear are stored from getting wet if you should get caught in the rain. However, it is not a good idea to totally submerge the bag in a river it has no waterproof ability.

  1. Portable

Since it is not too large in size, you can take it absolutely anywhere you want to go. It can be lightweight as well as heavy, depending on how many things you pack into it all at once. However, it is designed to go with you anywhere you want.


This wonderful piece of merchandise is a dream comes true for you and once you pack your gear as well as personal belongings in it, you can travel the world in style without leaving anything behind. You are on your way to becoming your own travel celebrity when you take the ruck bag with you. It is comfortable and carries easy portability so that you can take it anywhere you want to go. The bag’s features are breathtaking and you will get your money’s worth each time you put those facets to good use.


  • Can last long under tough situations because it is built with power material
  • Can take plenty abuse
  • Has strong mole webbing
  • Has great compression straps to strap in gears and accessories
  • Has huge silent zippers as part of its makeup
  • Has sturdy mesh


  • No hip straps and this feature make some rucksters feel uncomfortable with the bag
  • Not designed to let you carry out any heavy ruck journeys
  • Can be costly


The Goruck GR2 backpack is here to stay and is already a force to be reckoned with. With its sleek features already making a name in the industry, this innovative designer bag is a much needed help on the trail. You just cannot afford to sit idle and let this opportunity pass you by when you can ruck in style and become a well-known travel veteran. This rucksack was made to fit kings and queens and you fit that description perfectly well. Therefore, this is your time to go into action and start rucking.

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