J5 Tactical V1-Pro Review

j5 tactical v1 pro review

The J5 Tactical is lightweight, small enough for even the smallest of hands, and the light output is impressive for a product of this size. Keep reading our J5 Tactical V1-Pro review to learn why this flashlight is so popular.

Quick Summary


  • Aluminum alloy exterior
  • Ridged bezel is good for defense
  • Light and handy


  • Doesn’t come with a kit
  • Limited waterproof feature
  • Tail switch issues w/ prolonged use

Overall, this tac light is not only affordable but offers a decent amount of features considering the price tag. If you’re looking for additional accessories, you will have to purchase these separately, however.


  • Modes: On/Off High, Low, and Strobe. Adjustable beam focus
  • Color: Glossy Black
  • Lumens: 300
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Switch Type: Tail cap button. Press to initiate on or off mode.
  • Power Source: (1) AA battery or (1) 14500 3.7v battery (must be purchased separately)
  • Size: 9.4 x 2.6 x 2.6 cm
  • Weight: 65 grams

So who’s J5 V1 Pro tac light for? Anyone. It depends on what you intend to use your tac light for. Reviewers and consumers have purchased the flashlight and used it for a variety of activities.

the j5 tactical is suited for many demanding jobs

The J5 Tactical is suited to plenty of jobs or activities

Law enforcement workers are pleased with the included belt clip that enables them to keep it close at hand in case their duties lead them into the thick blackness of the night. Hunters are trying to innovative ways to attach it to their rifles to make their midnight excursions a little safer without scaring potential game.

Need help finding the perfect tac flashlight for you? Check our comprehensive guide here.


If you’ve researched for reviews and opinions on this flashlight, you’ll quickly see a vast amount of people touting this flashlight as one of the best, especially when you compare the price to the features.

Good Brightness Level

The light is extremely bright (the actual website warns of the bright and blinding effect) and for that reason, we don’t recommend horsing around with this flashlight.

300 lumens brightness

At 300 lumens, the J5 can illuminate a large room.

While the light is certainly not the brightest, the light is still capable of disorienting and temporarily blinding an attacker and although it lacks modes, it should be noted that it is possible to adjust the focus range depending on the usage.

Compact and Durable

The small compact size of this flashlight enables you to store it in a safe place for emergencies like a power outage or take it with you on your hunting adventures.

the j5 is bright enough to render someone temporarily blind

On the subject of design and durability, we were quite impressed with the quality feel of this flashlight – it simply leaves no impression of being made cheaply with sub-standard materials. The aluminum alloy materials are strong and durable enough to withstand falls from your pocket without completely damaging it.

While this flashlight doesn’t come with a kit, we feel that this flashlight doesn’t need a kit to justify its handiness. Aside from illuminating an entire room, you’ll enjoy the durable and ridged bezel which can quickly become fatal when met with the unsuspecting forehead or face of an attacker. For this reason, we recommend it as an affordable and effective means of self-defense.


Switch Button Issue

Of course, no product is perfect, but aside from a few quirks, we’re pretty content with the J5 V1 Pro. When we decided to research the product to see what everyone else was complaining about, we discovered that most of the complaints revolved around the switch button. Users emphasized that the switch button while easy to use, may become unresponsive after several month’s worth of use. We suppose this has a lot to do with how frequently you use the flashlight. Of course, users who use the flashlight on an almost daily basis may have a higher risk of experiencing this problem compared to someone who may only use this tactical light as an emergency light.

Not Completely Waterproof

While the flashlight is fine for use during rainy weather or an accidental drop in a small puddle of water, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere if you’re looking for a flashlight that can survive complete water immersion.

Doesn’t Come With A Kit

It’s possible to mount this tac light to a rifle for hunting adventures, but the flashlight doesn’t come with any mounting devices or tools to make this process easier. If you’re looking for something you can immediately mount, you might want to look elsewhere.


Overall, this tac light is not only affordable but offers a decent amount of features considering the price tag. If you’re looking for additional accessories, you will have to purchase these separately!

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