Nightcore MH-10 Review


Although most of the flashlights available in the market are powered by battery types that are widely available and cheap, it would still require frequent visits to the store depending on your own usage requirements.

Luckily, rechargeable batteries make what’s already convenient, more convenient. Also, plugging these batteries onto a wall socket is the most work you would have to do with flashlights powered by rechargeable batteries.

Quick Summary


  • Plenty of free accessories
  • Great light output for its size
  • USB charging

  • USB cover is unsecured
  • Single switch is hard to locate
  • USB port cover and button looks very similar

Long battery life with superb light quality for its size makes the MH-10 the best rechargeable flashlight in our book. Couple that with free accessories and USB charging feature and you have yourself a great tactical flashlight that doesn’t disappoint.

Build Quality

Nightcore’s promise of reliability is now even more apparent in their Nightcore MH-10 flashlight—the best rechargeable flashlight in the market. Built to last, this flashlight is made out of anodized high quality aircraft grade aluminum that boasts scratch resistance.

It is also waterproof based on IPX-8 standards, that is, water-resistant for up to 2 meters, thanks to the O-ring seal. It is also shock-proof for up to 1.5 meters. Abruptly changing weather and situation patterns would not be a problem for the Nightcore MH-10 indeed.

Its internal circuit is also of constant current technology. This flashlight is perfect for heavy users with a taste of extreme adventure because this one is reliably long lasting, both in terms of usage and built.

Light Output

mh 10 light output

Its CREE XM-L2 U2 LED bulb can give up to a maximum of 1000 lumens on High Mode for extreme lighting needs. This type of LED bulb easily adjusts from a 1 lumen light output to a 1000 lumen light output without noticeable glitches or lapses. The LED bulb also produces a clear white light, perfectly illuminating what needs to be.

Light modes offered by the Nightcore MH-10 incudes beacon, SOS, and strobe adding up to the 4 brightness levels that are featured. Brightness levels are specifically Turbo Mode with 1000 lumens, High Mode with 240 lumens, Medium Mode with 70 lumens, and Low Mode with 1 lumen of light output.

The Low mode allows for a low-key kind of lighting that does not harm your night vision, while the Turbo Mode’s 1000 lumen capacity is blinding and bright enough to be used as a self-defense weapon.

Batteries and Charging


Cutting to the chase, the Nightcore MH-10 is the best rechargeable flashlight that a flashaholic could hope for. This is powered by either an 18650 rechargeable battery cell or two CR123A batteries.

A Li-on 18650 rechargeable is included in the Nightcore MH-10 flashlight package upon purchase. Also, the rechargeable battery can make this flashlight last for up to 2 whole days, depending on the light output emitted overtime.

Not only do you save up on the trips you have to make to the convenience store, it also lets you save money in the long run.

Since the Nightcore MH-10 is a rechargeable type of flashlight, runtimes are of great importance to consider. Running on an 18650 rechargeable cell, this flashlight can run for more than an hour on Turbo Mode, a full 6 hours on High Mode, 28 hours on Medium Mode, and 520 hours on Low Mode.

Runtimes are far longer when an 18650 rechargeable battery cell is used as opposed to using 2 CR123As. This flashlight’s beam distance of 232 meters is also part of what makes it the best rechargeable flashlight out there. Truly, performance and longevity is both mastered by the Nightcore MH-10 flashlight.

Aesthetics and Usability


This flashlight has a single button design that is located in its body. This button shares both the on/off mechanism and the brightness settings. A single press turns the flashlight on, while holding onto the switch lets you scroll through the other featured brightness settings and light modes.

This simple user interface is not that hard to master at all, especially with a single button to mind and push. There is also a featured power indicator light to inform you of battery life, that way, you will not have to guess whether your Nightcore MH-10 is in need of a recharge or is still capable of more hours of lighting services.

Since USB ports are fairly traditional and common in these times, Nightcore made sure to add that as another feature to improve your flashlight convenience. The charging module mechanism of this flashlight uses a micro USB port that could easily be integrated.

This also adds to the flashlight’s “handy” characteristic, since there available USB charging ports that users could secure so that being outside will not pose a problem–even solar panel kits can be used as a power source. Cellular phones nowadays are also USB cable dependents, so this kind of rechargeable flashlight would not really be a stranger to everyday electronic gadgets.

A pocket clip and a nylon holster are only two of the many inclusive accessories of the Nightcore MH-10 flashlight. These accessories add up to the overall convenient experience promised by this flashlight. Secured handling can be achieved by using the nylon holster, which also does not take up much room, while the pocket clip allows for better access.


  • Free accessories improve the overall Nightcore MH-10 experience. It is inclusive of a nylon holster, a pocket clip, lanyard, spare USB port cover, and a spare O-ring.
  • This offers a great amount of light output for its compact size.
  • USB charging can be done on the go.


  • The USB cover is not secured enough. A few weak flips damage it until it is completely separate from the USB port it should have been protecting.
  • The only switch is hard to locate, especially when it is dark which is basically why you need a flashlight that can easily be turned on easily.
  • The USB port cover and the button looks similar and hard to distinguish when dark.


Long battery life with superb light quality for its size makes the MH-10 the best rechargeable flashlight in our book. Couple that with free accessories and USB charging feature and you have yourself a great tactical flashlight that doesn’t disappoint.

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