Outlite A100 Review: Flashlight With A Really Bright Light

outlite a100 review

Tactical Flashlights are not just flashlights for “flashaholics”. They take specifications and features more seriously. Since it is considered as a survival tool, it is best to acknowledge specs that would mean the difference between life and death— such as light output.

We ranked the Outlite A100 first and best when it comes to the highest lumen capacity category. Find out why in our Outlite A100 review below.

Quick Summary


  • Great Zoom features
  • Includes free accessories
  • High lumen output for size

  • Lack of manual
  • No memory mode function
  • Free 18650 battery seems to be of low quality

Aside from the lack of a memory function which makes switching between light modes rather clunky, the Outlite A100 delivers with strong lumen output and sturdy build. It’s a great option for frequent hikers and the like.

Build Quality

outlite A100 build quality

The Outlite A100, besides having a considerable amount of lumen output, is also a portable flashlight which makes it a good companion during hiking or camping trips.

The flashlight body is crafted from high quality 6061T aluminum alloy which makes the material scratch-proof and has the ability to retain its black anodized finish even after accidental scraping from hard or sharp surfaces.

Durable and sturdy, the 6061T is expected to last for a handful of years.

The flashlight is water-resistant, but not designed to be water-proof. Rainy days will not pose a threat to the Outlite A100, but submerging it in water would clearly spell damage so it is best to keep the fatal difference in mind.

The knurling feature on the body of the flashlight extends from the base or tail to the battery body.

There are 2 bands of knurling on the lower end in total. This does not seem to limit good grip and handling since the upper portion of the flashlight body features diamond-shaped grooves, specifically along the head or torch. This feature makes the Outlite A100 fall-proof from flat surfaces since the grooves effectively limits movement.

Light Quality and Output

outlite A100 light output

Since the Outlite A100 claims to have the highest lumen output for a tactical and portable flashlight, it is time we get to how much light does this one actually gives off. The A100 is equipped with a CREE XM-L T6 LED bulb which is one of the led bulbs with assured light quality.

This boasts a burn time of more than 100,000 full hours. The Outline A100 practically assures you that it has plans of staying since the cap need not be replaced.

The A100 is capable of giving off 900 lumens of blinding light output at a maximum. To mention, this has 3 brightness levels in addition to a Strobe Mode and an SOS Mode. Expect a 900 lumen output during High Mode.

The Outlite A100 features a new adjustable focus torch. This means that the A100 has zoom in and zoom out capabilities with varying lumen output for both mechanisms.

When you zoom out, the lumen output automatically adjusts to 500-700 lumens, as opposed to the 700-900 lumen light output when you zoom in.



The user interface is also a plus on the Outlite A100. You’ll find it’s single button feature – conveniently located at the end piece – very user-friendly, although somewhat lacking, especially if you’re used to more complicated flashlights with multiple buttons.

A full press would indicate an on/off set up, while lightly pressing the button allows you to cycle through the three brightness levels and the additional 2 modes. You know when you have pushed all the way when the button makes a clicking sound.

The A100 also delivers a nice beam with the zoom feature. Its full beam can reach a distance of up to 15 feet from your vantage point, while setting it on full zoom will give you a distance of about 150 feet. Zooming out would lessen beam sharpness, but still, it does light up an area from 25 yards or so.

Batteries and Charging

Batteries would not be an issue for the Outlite A100, because it comes inclusive of an 18650 rechargeable battery. The flashlight can also run on three AAA alkaline batteries, but since alkaline batteries tend to leak, it is wise to just utilize the free 18650 rechargeable.

Charging time would eat up 5 to 7 hours of your time, but run times are way longer. There is also an assistive indicator light for charging. Green light shows if the charge of the A100 is still fully operational and when it is fully charged while red light is shown during charging time.

The Outlite A100 also comes with a free charger unit for the free 18650 rechargeable battery. Input voltage is 100V~240V 50/60Hz, while output voltage is 4.2 volts.

This supports all 18650 battery types, regardless of brands, so if the free battery cell wears out, you can just easily buy another one without having to buy a new charger.


  • There are zoom instructions on the flashlight head itself. It helps a lot with your instant lighting needs since you do not have to open up leaflets for instructions.
  • Inclusive of a white plastic battery tube (for using 18650 battery), 1 AAA battery adaptor, an 18650 battery(3600mah), a charger, and keychain-super mini LED flashlight.
  • The smart zooming feature adds up to the quality high lumen experience


  • The package does not include a manual. Since battery operations and the user interface are new, figuring out how the A100 works could be a challenge.
  • The A100 does not include a memory function. So, upon turning the flashlight on, you have to scroll through the same mode sequence to get to the mode you want.
  • The free 18650 battery seems to be unsafe from over-charging since voltage decreases over time. This would, in turn, decrease the output as well.

Outlite A100 Review: Our Verdict

Aside from the lack of a memory function which makes switching between light modes rather clunky, the Outlite A100 delivers with strong lumen output and sturdy build. It’s a great option for frequent hikers and the like.

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