REI Quarter Dome 1 Review

REI Quarter Dome 1 ReviewIf you are looking for a lighter and more compact tent for your next solo trip, then the REI Quarter Dome 1 Tent may be the best option. They have Quarter Dome tents that are big enough to accommodate up to three people, but as the tents get bigger, the weight gets to be higher. Having to carry too much weight on a solo trip may hinder your ability to go as far as you want or stay out as long as you want.

When looking for a good one-person tent (or two-person tent if you want a little more room), you must take into consideration the weight of the tent in your pack, what other gear you will be traveling with, how long you will be out, and how quick is the assembly?

The following is a review of the REI Quarter Dome 1 Tent:

Key Features

  • High-quality materials
  • Stable and vertical architecture
  • Vestibule space for storage
  • Hubbed pole assembly for easy setup
  • Zippered roof to control condensation
  • Easy access entry
Floor Dimensions90 x 40 x 33 inches
Floor Area21.4 square feet
Vestibule6.7 square feet
Height37.5 inches
Seasons3-Season Tent
Product Weight2 pounds, 2 ounces

Quarter Dome Upgrades

REI Quarter Dome 1 Review

For 2017, REI has made several upgrades and adjustments from their other models. These upgrades have made this tent an ideal one-person tent that is durable and lightweight and offers more space than before.

The interior of the tent has increased in size and it allows for up to 26% more headroom than previously available. The narrow end of the tent has been widened to provide a more comfortable sleeping arrangement as well.

To improve the speed and ease of assembly, they have made the poles color-coded with red and dark blue and a rainfly buckle attachment has replaced the grommet that was previously used.

Regarding storage, they have added additional interior storage pockets and increased the available space of the vestibules.

To further improve upon weather protection, the Quarter Dome 1 Tent now has reversed rain fly doors and reflective guylines to further prevent water from entering. For convenience, the entrance has been widened and the overall design is in line with the more symmetrical layout of a two- to three-person tent.

Quarter Dome 1 Tent Materials

The Quarter Dome 1 Tent has one hubbed poleset for easy assembly. The poles are constructed from DAC aluminum NSL and the fabric of the canopy is 15-denier ripstop nylon and 20-denier mesh. The fabric on the floor and the rainfly are also made from ripstop nylon to provide improved durability and weather protection.

Quarter Dome 1 Tent Design

The design of this tent is considered to be semi-free standing. This means that the inner tent and rain fly can still be picked up and moved as needed but may also require stakes for more stability. Other tents with different designs require the stakes as part of the assembly and will not properly stay in place without them.

The tents asymmetrical shape and design also allows for increased interior space which allows you to sit up and move around comfortably.

Other Key Features of the Quarter Dome 1 Tent

  • The tent is lightweight, compact, and easy to assemble
  • The floor uses a 30-denier coated ripstop nylon but maintains its lightweight design
  • The angle of the poles and the design of the tent allows for more usable space
  • The vestibule is covered and provides additional storage space
  • The doors are aligned to allow for easy entrance
  • The simple and color-coded hubbed pole design allows for quick assembly
  • Interior pockets are available for additional storage opportunities
  • The roof includes a zippered roof vent to prevent condensation
  • The tent includes everything you need for assembly including the stakes, guylines, tighteners, pole-repair tube, and a pole and stake bag

Pros of the Quarter Dome 1 Tent

Many people have chosen the Quarter Dome 1 tent as their new go-to for their solo trips due to its lightweight and compact design. Although it is spacious and is feature-rich, these additions do not add to the overall weight of the tent.

  • Provides ample space for storage so your gear stays safe and dry
  • Plenty of room to move around
  • Quick and easy assembly for one person
  • Quality construction to ensure durability and stability
  • Can withstand heavy winds, rain, and other adverse weather conditions
  • New buckle attachment makes setting the rainfly up easy
  • The reflective guylines allow for improved visibility at night

Cons of the Quarter Dome 1 Tent

There are very few cons I could find when it came to the Quarter Dome 1 Tent. However, it was often compared to the 2016 model. While this model for 2017 is extremely lightweight, it is still reportedly heavier than the 2016 model that weighed in at five ounces less.

  • Small price increase over last year’s model
  • Slightly heavier than the previous model
  • Footprint is sold separately
  • No attachment point for guylines on the main pole
  • Design is not as stable as a dome tent
  • May experience some difficulty when securing the rainfly

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an upgraded, lightweight, and compact one-person tent, then you should seriously consider the Quarter Dome 1 Tent. It is ultra light, easy to setup, and then pack away. What’s more, it’s ideal for someone who likes to pack light and doesn’t have an abundant amount of gear that needs to be stored.

However, if you are over six-feet tall, then you may want to shy away due to the lack of vertical foot space present in this tent. Also, if you know you will be experiencing heavy and consistent downpours, then you will want to consider a tent that offers a bit more stability and rain protection.

Overall, it is a good and affordable choice for any backpacker or hiker who wants to engage in a solo trip into the great outdoors.

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