The Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

Ultimate Survival Knife GuideThe main purpose of a survival knife is for survival purposes while in an outdoor wilderness environment or an emergency situation that requires this tool to help you stay alive. The simple survival knife and sheath can also easily take the place of many other tools needed for survival in case your other gear is lost, damaged, or misplaced.

When choosing a survival knife, it is good to understand the many uses and survival related functions you can experience with just this one tool. For example, a survival knife can cut and slice, dig, split, hammer, and can be used as a tool of self-defense as well as a hunting weapon.

Survival knives are versatile and multi-functional tools and are often considered the most important piece of gear to include in your pack. Read this survival knife review to find the best knife for your needs.

The Size

In the case of a good survival knife, bigger may not always mean better. The knife blade length needs to be easy enough to use and carry with you effectively and offer a bit of precision, control, and stability. You don’t want a heavy and bulky knife that is hard to use and is even harder to carry. It should also be easily accessible when it is needed as well.

The ideal size for a survival knife should be between 9 and 11 inches in length, but they come in a variety of other sizes, with different features that you may find helpful as well.


Survival knives can fall into several distinct categories including pocket knives, outdoor knives, military survival knives, and even tactical knives. Each has its own blade design and it is up to your specific needs and wants when it comes time to choose which is best suited for you.


Depending on what you may need a survival knife for, they come with many varying features such as a sheath. A sharp pointed tip survival knife may be better suited for self-defense scenarios because it allows you to thrust or stab the knife to protect yourself.

A spear point is effective when it comes to hunting and can even be attached to a pole if needed to create a spear. A sharp knife such as this is also useful for other tasks including drilling and notching, accessing live bait, and cleaning and dressing small game like fish.

A single-edged blade with a flat ground spine can be used for striking a fire-starting rod and can help split wood to make a shelter. The back of the knife can be used as well and is good for projects that you would not be able to accomplish if both edges were sharp such as notching triggers for a snare or trap.

A pommel, or the bottom of the knife handle, is typically used for hammering and can help you complete a number of different tasks around the campsite.

For more information about the various survival knives at your disposal and to learn more about a certain type, read on below for reviews and valuable information before packing for your next trip out to the wilderness.

What Types of Pocket Knives Do I Need?

Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

A pocket knife is a classic and is a very versatile, compact, and accessible tool that comes loaded with additional features. It is small enough for every day carrying and can fit in your pocket or glove box, so it is always available when you may need it most. One of the biggest advantages of a pocket knife is the convenience. There are many unique styles available, and each comes with its own set of additional features that would make the pocket knife the perfect accessory for anyone on the go or anyone needing a small tool for various tasks.

Best Outdoor Knife

Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

An outdoor knife is a type of survival knife that is useful to have on any camping, hiking, or hunting trip and offers a durable and versatile tool that can handle a variety of different tasks including cutting rope, sharpening sticks, cleaning up a campsite, and even offers a helping hand while cooking your meals. A good outdoor knife will typically fall at approximately four to six inches in length and are usually very easy to carry and easy to use.

Sharpest Pocket Knife for the Outdoors

Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

If you are planning an outdoor trip and want to be better prepared, a sharp pocket knife is a good item to pack because it can assist you in tackling smaller outdoor tasks easily and quickly. For effective outdoor use, a pocket knife should be sharp, durable, and well-built so it can handle small repairs, cutting jobs, and other tasks with functionality and control. A serrated edge may also be useful when it comes to cutting rope or any other task that would require more of a sawing action.

Military Survival Knives Replica for Personal Use

Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

What once was reserved for the government and elite, are now available as replicas for personal use. Military survival knives were designed to conquer a number of different tasks for many different scenarios. From carbon steel to serrated edges, these knives were the key component for anyone in the military and made a good addition to a survival pack. When looking for a military survival knife for your own personal use, you should consider the length of the blade, the quality of its construction, and the type of blade that is used.

SOG Pocket Knife Reviews

Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

SOG Pocket Knives are well-known and are high-quality. SOG offers a variety of different knife types from folding knives to automatic knives. Their pocket knives, in particular, follow their ambitious standards of production and are designed to be both durable and lightweight with a very sleek and clean design and improved stability and control. With different features, many available pocket knives fit every budget and are sharp and ready to use straight from the box.

What Is a Tactical Boot Knife?

Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

Tactical boot knives have been around for generations and are very easy to conceal with one’s boot, hence their name. Once you investigate the concealability of these knives, you should then look further into the other design and features of the boot knife including the length of the blade, the design and stability of the handle, and the materials that are used. Tactical boot knives are meant for self-defense and should also be easily accessible.

Your Ultimate Survival Knife Kit

Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

While a good and reliable survival knife is an essential component for any outdoor adventure, you should also expand your kit to include other accessories that will complement the knife you have chosen. A good survival kit should include necessities such as a flashlight, a multi-functional tool, and even a first aid kit so you are fully equipped to handle absolutely anything that may be thrown at you. To make it easier and take the guesswork out of creating your own survival kit based on the key piece, otherwise known as the survival knife, there are kits available that already include everything you may need to arm yourself with the perfect and ultimate survival knife kit.

Bear Grylls Survival Knife Review

Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

Bear Grylls is most commonly known for his wilderness and survival shows on television. Well, he also has teamed up with Gerber to create an Ultimate Survival Knife. This knife is a medium-sized knife with an overall length of approximately ten inches and has a blade that reaches 4.8 inches in length. It is strong, durable, and has a drop point blade design and is made from high carbon, stainless steel materials. All the other features this knife has to offer definitely makes it a top contender for the best and ultimate survival knife.

Fixed Blade Survival Knives Comparison and Benefits

Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

To get started, we should learn the difference between the different blade types and the knives that are currently available for purchase. Fixed blade knives will offer the user more strength and control when it comes to completing tasks. However, there are still several different sizes, designs, knife blades, and styles to choose from that it can make your head spin if you are unsure of what to look for and compare.

Boker Pocket Knives Review

Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

Boker Pocket Knives are a high-quality brand and are designed to be both functional as well as beautiful. From their quality craftsmanship to the smaller and more intricate details they include in the design of each folding knife, you know you are purchasing both quality and reliability with Boker. You will also learn to recognize the famous chestnut tree trademark that Boker uses to set themselves apart from their competitors.

Gerber Survival Knives

Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

Survival knives are essential for any camping, fishing, hunting, or hiking trip and Gerber supplies all the necessary gear you will need to tackle these outdoor activities. When choosing a survival knife, you will need to take special care when it comes to the tang, the handle, the rugged stainless steel or carbon steel blade design, the length, and even the materials that are being used. At least with Gerber, you are guaranteed a high-quality product made with high-quality materials that are designed to last and provide you with the utmost quality and reliability.

What Difference Does a Tactical Pocket Knife Have Compared to Other Knives?

Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

Pocket knives remind us of the traditional and classic knife that our grandfathers had that they continued to pass down through generations. But now, tactical pocket knives are making a big appearance and are replacing the traditional design with something that allows for more use and even offers a certain degree of self-defense. What is the difference between these tactical pocket knives and other knives such as the classic pocket knife or even larger knives with different blade types? Read on to find out more.

Folding Pocket Knife Verse Fixed

Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

Folding pocket knives and fixed knives are both good options. However, there are certain advantages each type holds over the other. A folding knife, while being small and compact, unfortunately, may not offer the same level of strength and control that you can find with a fixed blade knife. On the other hand, a fixed blade knife is much harder to conceal and may be more uncomfortable to carry. Before purchasing either, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each type.

Buck Pocket Knives Review

Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

Buck Pocket Knives have been a household sensation for many years and their signature knives are well known throughout the world. When you choose a knife, Buck wants to make sure that you stop and seriously consider what it is you are purchasing. They want to make sure you understand its intended purpose, the features you find most important, and does it provide the level of safety and security you are looking to achieve? Buck knives are high-quality knives that are able to maintain a superior edge. They are also very easy to carry and use and they offer a variety of different styles to choose from.

Kershaw Pocket Knives Review

Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

If you are looking for a reputable and popular brand in the knife industry, then you don’t need to look much further than Kershaw. They offer a variety of pocket knives that are suitable for everyone and they are proven to be useful in a variety of different scenarios. They have chosen to expand the options available to you rather than focusing on just one style of pocket knife. From their quality materials, corrosive-resistant coating, and sharp blades, you are sure to find the perfect EDC for you.

Outdoor Edge Knives Reviews

Ultimate Survival Knife Guide

Outdoor Edge offers field tested and proven knives that are capable of holding an edge for much longer than other brands. Superior edge retention means that each job is done efficiently and successfully each and every time. Outdoor Edge offers several EDC knives that are compact and convenient to carry and most of them come with replacement blades, so you do not have to sharpen the blade you are currently using. They also offer convenient one-handed opening and are easily accessible.


If you are looking for a knife that strays from the traditional or general use category, then tactical pocket knives, survival knives, and fixed blade knives offer a variety of different solutions geared at being able to handle many different jobs.

There are many reputable and well-known brands in the industry that are ready and able to provide you with the knife you need the most. It is never good to be out camping without having a knife. Even if you need additional help shaving down kindle or getting a few sparks to start a fire, a knife can offer you the help you need when you need it the most.

In terms of almost any survival situation, a knife is a vital part of your survival kit when you are faced with adverse conditions in the great outdoors or you find yourself in a position in which you will need to be able to defend yourself. When you choose your knife, make sure that it is one that you are most comfortable using and one that you can rely on.

Easy accessibility is also on the top of the list, and if it is an EDC you need, then the size and weight are also of utmost importance.

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