Kelty Backpack Reviews

Kelty Backpack ReviewsKelty has a collection of stylish internal frame backpacks like the Kelty Coyote that can pass any test and you can tap in on the various benefits they afford you. They come in different colors and carry various features designed to suite your taste. Once you give one of these awesome knapsacks a tryout, you will not want to move to another brand because of the wonderful service they give you. Your whole hiking and camping trip can change in an instance from bad to good because of the advantages that each Kelty backpack gives you.

1. Kelty Redwing 44 Backpack

Kelty Redwing 44 Backpack

The Kelty brand Redwing 44 backpack is a sight to behold. This is a bag that is designed for quick getaways in the air or on the hiking trail. The features are great and you can benefit from each one of them. This product comes with a hybrid loading zipper pattern so you can reach your gear anytime you want to. You can stash away some of your clothes inside the front pocket of the bag and the updated organizer allows you to store your maps, electronics, books, pens, and any other travel items you may deem necessary to carry along on your journey. In the hydration pocket, you can carry your water or laptop—whichever you prefer. You need not to worry because Kelty Redwing has got your back covered.


  • The pack comes at a great price offer
  • Lightweight and affords great portability
  • High-quality material design
  • The pack can carry a hefty load


  • Non-adjustable harness
  • Hip belt pockets are missing
  • Bottom compartment is missing
  • No rain cover

2. Kelty Lakota Backpack

Kelty Lakota Backpack

With your next camping trip coming up, you just cannot afford to waste it by taking along a backpack that does not meet your expectations. The Kelty Lakota pack is just what you need to keep you company on the trail. Its weight happens to be 1.6 kg and has a volume of 64 liters. Its torso range, however, is limited and can fit 37 to 47 cm. You can get great service from this knapsack to up to a week in the wild or elsewhere because of the many features it affords you to have. Some main facets are a large main compartment that allows you to store your gears in, sleeping bag pocket, front panel access, map pocket, hip belt pocket, and a hydration area so you can stay water-filled while in the backcountry.


  • Has strong air mesh padding so your items stay dry at all times
  • Easy access to your items because of the dependable zippers at the side
  • Has a drawstring cover that makes it possible for you to cover the bag in time of rain so the inside items do not get wet


  • The straps and plastic areas are too thin
  • The clips are too small and may pose a problem when you try to use them

3. Kelty Eagle 7850 Backpack

Kelty Eagle 7850 Backpack

The Kelty Eagle 7850 backpack can stands up for itself anywhere and at anytime. The features are spectacular and you can use all of them to your own advantage. This product is ideal for cold season and is compatible with winter surroundings. If you are caught off guard outside your tent, not to worry because the pack has a sleeping bag on its inside that you can just roll out and sleep in. If you are taking that difficult terrain, you can do so in style because the bag has a puncture-resistant feature attached to it. Indeed, your wondering days are over once you get a Kelty Eagle to accompany you on your hiking or camping trips.


  • Can carry plenty of stuff
  • Great for winter outings
  • Has a puncture-resistant feature


  • It is large in size and some hikers may have a problem handling it

4. Kelty Redwing Reserve Hiking Backpack

Kelty Redwing Reserve Hiking Backpack

Since you love being outdoors and in the woods, the Kelty Redwing Reserve hiking pack is just what you are looking for. It comes with a selection of features that are placed in its makeup to help you succeed against the odds. It has as parts of its makeup zippered pockets to keep your stuff safe while you are taking on those tough trails, suspension supplies so the bag can fit well on your body, and a strong fabric design material that helps keep the entire structure in place. Having a Kelty Redwing Reserve on your trip will make your visit to the backcountry all worthwhile.


  • A very comfortable backpack
  • Great for spending a night or day out in the wild
  • Made of strong material
  • Multiple pockets


  • Not suitable for long camping

5. Kelty Trekker 65 Backpack

Kelty Trekker 65 Backpack

The Kelty Trekker 65 backpack comes in a simple style yet is strong enough to carry your load on your hiking expeditions. Although it looks so simple, it is durable and will stand up to tough treatments. The external frame is an innovative design that will take you to the next level of your hiking or camping experience and you can be sure that all the features will prove to be advantageous to your needs. This Kelty model is a comfortable fit for your body and you can rely on it every inch of the way. Some features this pack carries are sling pack top lid conversion, side pockets made of zip, a hydration system, adjustable suspension, padded shoulder straps, sternum strap, stabilizer straps, and a stretch pouch at the front.


  • Durable construction
  • Good looking hip belt
  • Comfortable shoulder straps that can ease the load from your back


  • Minor noises from carrying out adjustments
  • Interior compartment has a dark looking color

The Kelty backpacks are taking the lead and many consumers are picking up on them. If you are a consumer looking for an affordable pack to go hiking or camping with, choose a Kelty bag that will help you enjoy the outdoors better.

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