Self Defense Flashlight: Best Tactical Flashlight for Self Defense

Self Defense Flashlight

In conflict situations, proper visibility is imperative. For security guards, law enforcement personnel and soldiers alike, being able to see could be the difference between life and death.

Of course in these types of tense situations, things do not always go as planned. Weather conditions, the time of day and hazards such as fires can all affect someone’s ability to see properly.

A tactical flashlight is also a great safety tool for every day use. Keeping one in your car or your purse can give you peace of mind and ensure you are never stuck in a bad situation without the ability to see or defend yourself. A reliable tactical flashlight can protect you from these scenarios.

In a hostile situation, where your safety of the well being of someone else depends on your ability to navigate and position yourself, you cannot rely on an old camping flashlight. In this tactical flashlight review, we will profile some of the best tactical flashlights for self-defense.

Streamlight 88040Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL High Lumen Professional Tactical Light with White LED and Holster$$$$
Solaray Pro Zx-2Solaray Pro Zx-2 Professional Series$$$
VZ230 Tactical FlashlightVZ230 Tactical Flashlight by Vizeri$$$
Outlite A100Outlite A100 Rechargeable 18650 Battery and Charger High Powered Handheld Portable LED Tactical Flashlight$$$
SureFire G2XSureFire G2X Series LED Flashlights$$$
Refun E6Refun E6 High Powered Tactical Led Flashlight$
J5 Hyper VJ5 Hyper V Tactical Flashlight$$

Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL High Lumen Professional Tactical Light with White LED and Holster 

This ProTac flashlight is extremely user friendly, being both small and lightweight. It comes with a holster to easily secure the flashlight to a belt and have it easily accessible in an emergency situation. Alternately, it comes with a pocket clip so you can secure it to any pocket for quick access.

Streamlight 88040 ProTac

This flashlight features 750 lumens of light and is one of the brightest of the ProTac series. The LED light is designed for maximum brightness and efficiency and it won’t dim as the flashlight comes close to running out of batteries. It has three different modes for long distance illumination, wide-angle view and a combination of lights, for the optimum lighting conditions for any situation.

This flashlight is also waterproof to 1 meter so it is a good flashlight to use in adverse weather or natural emergency situations. It is made of aircraft grade aluminum and is of no risk of being damaged after a fall. It has been impact tested for a 1-meter fall.

The bottom line? Although expensive, this flashlight is tough, waterproof and bright. It is easy to use and offers optimal lighting in any condition. Its easy to carry and can be secured to you in two different ways.

SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 Professional Series 

This tactical flashlight comes with a regular sized flashlight, a mini flashlight, 2 li-ion batteries and a charger for the batteries. This self-defense flashlight is bright and dependable. Like the Streamlight flashlight, it is made of tough aircraft aluminum.


This flashlight is energy efficient, illuminates with 1200 lumen of bright light and has 5 adjustable modes. Users can pick between a high, medium and low beam as well as a strobe for self-defense, designed to stun and temporarily blind intruders and an emergency signal mode. The lens also zooms so you can use a flood beam or a focused long-distance beam.

This tactical flashlight is water resistant, so while it cannot be immersed, it can be used in difficult weather conditions. The batteries can be charged up to 500 times. The flashlight is compact and easy to carry and the mini makes a portable backup. The mini has a strong, durable belt clip.

The bottom line? This set is affordable, reliable and durable. The light is bright and can be not only focused but adjusted to five different modes. It is also weather resistant. It is fantastic for everyday use but also dependable in an emergency situation.

VZ230 Tactical Flashlight 

This tactical flashlight is made out of aircraft grade aluminum. It is also IPX 7 waterproof, which means it can be submerged temporarily, up to 1 meter.

Vizeri 230

This flashlight does not come with batteries, but is powered by standard AAA’s. It has 5 different lighting modes and brightens with 230 lumens of LED brightness. The 5 different modes are low, medium and high beam as well as strobe and an S.O.S signal. It also features LumenBoost optical reflector technology on the lens to amplify the light.

This Vizeris flashlight is equipped with memory technology and so remembers the last mode it was set on and is turned back on in this mode. It also, despite being waterproof has the ability to zoom depending on whether floodlight or a directed beam is appropriate for a given situation.

This flashlight comes with a holster to secure the flashlight to your body. It also comes with a karabiner, allowing the flashlight to be suspended and a light diffuser, which creates a bright light lantern when the flashlight is inside it. This high quality flashlight is compact and fits easily in a pocket or the palm of your hand.

The bottom line? This inexpensive flashlight is bright and durable. It is also versatile with 5 different modes, a zoom feature and a light diffuser for easy transitioning into a lantern. It is well built, certified waterproof and trustworthy in any emergency situation.

A100 Rechargeable 18650 Battery and Charger High Powered Handheld Portable LED Tactical Flashlight

This tactical flashlight set comes with a battery, a battery charger, the Outlite A100 flashlight and a mini keychain flashlight.

Outlite A100

This lightweight, portable flashlight is made of aluminum alloy. It is water resistant, but not certified waterproof so should never be submerged. This flashlight has a toggle feature that allows the user to move between its high, medium and low beam as well as its strobe and S.O.S setting. It is user friendly but does not have a memory feature.

It is high efficiency and presents very bright LED light. The Outlite A100 is also able to stand on its handle to illuminate in a candle style in emergencies. The flashlight also has a zoom in and out feature, allowing you directed and long distance lighting or flood lighting.

The Outlite tactical flashlight also features knurling on the handle for a good grip and has a lifetime breakage guarantee.

The Bottom Line? This bright LED flashlight is rechargeable and energy efficient. It is tough, although not waterproof and features a variety of settings as well as the capability to zoom. It is guaranteed not to break and can stand on its base for candle style lighting.

Surefire G2X

This tactical flashlight comes with two batteries and has a tough polymer body. This flashlight features a high and low setting – the high setting outputs 320 Lumens of bright LED light while the low setting outputs 15 lumens of LED light. The easy-to-use design allows you to switch between these settings with a button on the tail cap of the flashlight and the low setting drastically improves battery life.

Surefire G2X

This lightweight, portable,  flashlight is made of aluminum alloy. It is water resistant, but not certified waterproof so should never be submerged. This flashlight has a toggle feature that allows the user to move between its high, medium and low beam as well as its strobe and S.O.S setting. It is user-friendly but does not have a memory feature.

The LED light itself is indestructible which makes the SureFire flashlight optimal for emergency situations. The SureFire G2X is also weather proof. This flashlight has an ergonomic shape and design and is lightweight and easy to carry.

The bottom line? This flashlight delivers high quality LED light and is durable and fairly inexpensive. However, it a bit pricey considering that it does not include additional features that some of the other models do, such as a battery charger or a holster. Overall a good, reliable product for emergencies.

Refun E6

This tactical flashlight offers an extremely affordable option for a bright, reliable flashlight. This lightweight and portable flashlight illuminates with 600 lumens of LED brightness.

Refun E6

The Refun flashlight is powered by AAA batteries that are not included in the package. This flashlight has five interchangeable modes: low, medium and high beam as well as strobe and S.O.S. It also has the ability to zoom.

This flashlight is made of aluminum and is water and shock resistant. It is also able to withstand extreme variations in temperature. This flashlight also features an attack head that can be used as a striking tool for self-defense.

The bottom line? This flashlight is way cheaper than any of the others profiled in this tactical flashlight review so far. It is reliable, durable and provides bright light with 5 different modes and a zooming feature. It can also be used as a self-defense weapon and is small enough to keep in a purse or pocket.

J5 Hyper-V Tactical

This inexpensive tactical flashlight brightens with 400 lumens of high quality LED light. It is small but durable with a strong aluminum casing.

J5 Hyper-V Tactical

The J5 Hyper V Tactical functions in three modes: high, low and strobe light to disorient an attacker. It also features an attack head. Although the batteries are not included, it takes easy to find AAA batteries.

This flashlight features an adjustable lens depending on whether a situation requires flood lighting or a directed beam. It is water and shock resistant. The handle is knurled for a good grip.

The bottom line? This is a high quality, bright flashlight for a very decent price. It is durable as well as weather and shock resistant and features three different lighting modes, a zoom feature, and an attack head.


All of these flashlights are great self-defense tools and can help stay safe in the case of an emergency. To select the right one for you, you have to consider how often if will be used as well as your budget allowance.

However, each one of these options offers a bright lighting solution combined with a lightweight and durable design and all can be relied on during emergencies.


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